Modern & Updated Software

Every RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is ensure to be working and updated.

Online Checkout

With our online payment and checkout, you can now pay online and get your service even faster than before!

Password Recovery

All of our RAT's included with our setups have the capability of keylogging and recovering passwords!

Control Any Desktop

Remote administration tools are most known for the capability of controlling any computer. You can control as many desktops as you like!

Remote Desktop Control

All of our services include a bulletproof server where you can manage your clients from anywhere, even from your mobile device!

Client Management

What are some of the basic uses of a Remote Administration Tool? Here is a few examples as to why a RAT may benefit you.

  • Download / Upload & Execute Files Remotely
  • Manage Your Clients Personal Files Anytime
  • Monitor Your Clients Web Activity, Extract Passwords, and Keylog.
  • Control Your Clients Computer From Anywhere, Anytime.
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Our Video

This is a quick look into one of our RAT's (Remote Administration Tools)
This RAT comes with our Standard Setup package!

Our Solutions

Here is just a few reasons to consider our service!


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Our Pricing

Here is the pricing plans for our setup services. Please read the plans carefully!

$39.99 /One Time
Then Only $15/mo After 1 Month
Quasar RAT
Complete RAT Setup
Bulletproof RDP
Secured Randomized DNS
Standard Lifetime Support
$129.99 /One Time
Then Only $15/mo After 1 Month
Everything in Standard, Including:
PAID BitRAT License (6 Months)
Complete RAT Setup
Bulletproof RDP
Secured Randomized DNS
Premium Lifetime Support

RATKings have really helped me manage my clients easily all in one place. I can even use HRDP or hidden remote desktop to control their computer without them knowing!

Zi Yazhu

Vice President, XChinaServ

I was a little worried about the automatic payment, but in less than 24 hours I received the information with my server with the RAT. Everything is working great!

Joshua Hatfield

Freelance Developer

This is incredible! I was short on funds and other remote administration software costs thousands. For pocket change, we are able to manage at ease. We trust RATKings for all of our setups now.

Anthony Casalena

Vice president, IQTeam
RATKings Team
RATKings Team
RATKings Team

Our Team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned cyber security experts. Team
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Web Developer

He works long hours to make sure everything is working properly.

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Community Manager

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